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How workflow management tools can improve your consultancy

by Frank Caccio | June 17, 2020 | SaaS Project Management
how to improve online consultancy business via workflow management tool

Consultant businesses providing quality, consistent advice and services need workflow management tools to support their business models. A platform like OpsCheck has the versatility to provide a broad framework that can be tailored to specific business needs. With business processes that demand information from a variety of resources, OpsCheck allows data accessibility and security for employees to get their job done without roadblocks on their path to success.

How do workflow management tools work?

For a consulting business of any kind, small or large, regardless of the specialty field, client support follows along a particular path of onboarding, information sharing and delivery, collaboration, and assessment. Each client, of course, might have a different emphasis of services, but all need the same attentive advice a consultant offers.

Workflow is simply the series of steps necessary to perform a main task. For instance, one can produce, gather, and analyze data, then report findings in order to produce a client report. Each sub-task supports the ultimate task of delivering the report. A software platform like OpsCheck is a workflow management tool that can track and deliver all these elements in one place.

A workflow management platform, however, takes the idea of a task checklist and expands it into a collaboration process. You can share data more easily, automate reminders and notifications, and run reports from one program using multiple resources.

What problems do workflow management tools solve for consultants?

Consultancy businesses need to establish and maintain their reputations by providing solid guidance in a consistent manner for all of its clients. With a single tool to monitor and execute your services, you can ensure that you are creating the same high-level service for all your clients in the same manner.

Shifting routine tasks like data collection or report generation into automation frees you and your staff to focus on more critical needs—the actual service you provide. A workflow management system is designed to produce more work, in less time, with few errors.

One mistake consultant firms often make is to react to the need for another system or process on an ad-hoc basis. An issue arises, and a new software presents itself to solve the issue. Often these single task-oriented solutions are implemented without a clear plan on how to integrate them with existing systems or how it will handle increasing use. What starts as a time-saver eventually becomes a new problem. A workflow management approach can help enforce a big picture framework mindset when looking at solutions, integration, and scalability, especially when adding new elements to your process.

As a consultant, you can still add new software solutions to your process and allow access to key workers through OpsCheck without sacrificing security. Individual workers and clients can access the precise information they need, when they need, with tailored permissions access without needing constant approvals for each task. Staff communication—or even personal reminders for individuals—are improved dramatically through the notifications system that reminds you what tasks are in process, who is responsible for them, and when you can expect their completion for your own use.

The OpsCheck approach

OpsCheck provides many approaches on how to improve online consultancy business via
workflow management tools. With its breadth of features, flexibility, and scalability,
OpsCheck works exceedingly well for small scale operations looking to grow, as well as
global firms seeking more efficiencies and collaboration among its large departments and diverse locations. As a cloud-based platform, OpsCheck is an ideal solution for the new approach to business and its management by being accessible from virtually any location—including workers’ remote environments.

With the shift to remote work, both among co-workers and between consultants and clients, having an integrated, accessible workflow management tool in place will maintain the integrity of your business while providing the quality of service that you are known for.

How OpsCheck can help?

OpsCheck is the premier Operations Platform built for the financial community by financial operations experts to greatly mitigate operational risk. It is an Operations/Compliance Control and Oversight application that combines proven advancements in task, project, and workflow management into a single tool. OpsCheck is cloud based and offers full transparency when working in the office or remotely, enhances team communication & coordination and promotes a culture of accountability and operational excellence.

OpsCheck is a modern alternative for managing business operations; no more spreadsheets, emails or Outlook are necessary. It’s easy to get started, easy to operate and is cost effective. Management and staff, as well as, regulators and auditors will reap the benefits of OpsCheck. Many reputable firms around the globe have already subscribed.

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