Reporting Features

Instant high level overview

As soon as you log in, you will see a quick breakdown at the top of your dashboard showing the number of tasks completed, completed late, and remaining late, for the past few weeks. It is easy to quickly drill down to tasks being completed late or that are still late today.

Easy detailed search results

Search by any characteristic of a task with no need to export or type out detailed search queries. Saving custom searches, sorting by any characteristic, and adding / removing fields you do not use is quick and easy.

Thorough custom reporting

Snapshots, top 5s, and easy timeline breakdowns give you unprecendented access to your task data. Easily find problem areas with color identification and custom filtering tools.

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OpsCheck is a workflow management system adaptable and flexible to any business. Let us know what problems you want to solve and we will quickly give you an overview, product tour, or demo based on your needs. The system can be customized to fit any team for any task - and we are happy to show you how easy it is!

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